1200 Year Old Olive Log Cut with Mitch!

January 24, 2019

1200 Year Old Olive Log Cut with Mitch!

Hey guys, this week we've got something super cool for you! Have you ever seen a beautiful cavity? Well...... YOU WILL TODAY!! Mitch over at Legacy Lumber just cut a 1200 YEAR OLD OLIVE LOG FROM GREECE! (Sorry for the caps, this is just a huge deal for us seeing as how it's our FIRST one here at Legacy Lumber & Canadian Woodworks) If you're wondering how we even got this log- INSTAGRAM! (What a marvellous tool it is) A guy that collects these logs came across the @CanadianWoodworks page and well.... the rest was history.

I know some of you may be wondering "how do you know it's 1200 years old"........................ PROVE US WRONG! We know it's at least over 400 years old, and the guy that sold us the log said that it's 1200 years old, so we've left it up to faith. BUT, if any of you know someone that could accurately date this for us please let us know!

Enough about Mitch and the log, go check it out for yourself!!

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