Hemp Wood Oil

Made from pure Canadian oxidized hemp oil, Hempola® Farm Hemp Wood
is a food safe, non-toxic and environmentally friendly wood finishing oil.
Hemp Wood penetrates deeply and dries rapidly with no harmful vapours.
Best of all, it is easily cleaned with soap and water. Extend the life and
vibrancy of your wood items at home or the cottage with Hempola Farm
Hemp Wood.

Use a brush, roller, sprayer or rag to apply. For interior applications, allow 12
hours between coats, and then wipe off excess oil with a rag. Drying time is
approximately 24 hours. For exterior surfaces, apply and re-apply as required
to keep wood well-coated for protection and appearance.


Naturally organic and GMO-free, our hemp is grown without the use of any
spray or pesticides and actually improves the quality of surrounding soil and
crops! Regarded as nature’s most nutritious oil, hemp oil was the finishing oil
of choice in the paint industry prior to prohibition. This all-natural oil contains
only one ingredient and provides a food-safe, protective, water-resistant
surface that penetrates to protect your wood from the inside out.

This solvent-free, breathable oil expands and contracts with wood surfaces,
allowing moisture trapped within to escape during changing temperatures
and humidity. Hemp wood oil is scratch-resistant and will not leave a shiny
film like conventional synthetic topcoats instead it produces a ‘patina’ finish.

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